Författarnas gästhem – The Writers' House

Book a room


The guesthouse has three single rooms. All rooms are simply furnished with a bed, desk and chest of drawers. In rooms number 1 and 3 there is an armchair, and room number 3 has a balcony.

A stay costs SEK 1120 the first night, with additional nights costing SEK 420 per night. For members of the Swedish Writers’ Association and the Writers’ Guild of Sweden, the first night costs SEK 910 and the additional cost is SEK 210 per night, on the condition that the stay is not paid for by an organizer. You can book a room for a maximum of 14 nights per stay.

After you have made a booking, you will receive information about the guesthouse, how to enter the house and how the payment is made. The booking is binding. Cancellation 14 days before your stay is charged with SEK 500. Bookings made 14 days or less before the stay are non-refundable.

The authors’ guest house is primarily an international guest house for translators, playwrights and writers who want a chance to visit Stockholm.

We would like you to apply for a stay at the guesthouse for a creative purpose. Examples of this are participating in seminars and talks, lecturing or attending lectures, inspiration, writing retreats and other literature and drama related activities.

If you book for a group, all of them must stay for creative purposes and names of all participants must be given when booking.

To book, we ask you to send a short presentation about yourself, your project and attach a short CV to: bookaroom@writershouse.se. If you are connected to SFF or its sections and want to stay at the guest house in connection with the general assembly, a board meeting or other gatherings, you do not need to apply with a project description and CV.

Please note that the guest rooms are run independently by a foundation and are not a part of the Swedish Writers’ Union. The Writers’ Union cannot answer any queries about the guest rooms and cannot book any rooms for you.